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Celebrate the company in 2012 as the new employees

Read 9652    Date Time 2013-01-20

April 16, the company in 2012 the first batch of new hires. In order to help new employees as soon as possible to adapt to the environment, promote new employee and the company's corporate culture, team atmosphere interaction fusion, the company in research conference room building organized new hires, and meeting for new employees a one-week pre-job training. ZhongYuHui lead the company general manager of all levels of leaders attended the new staff induction see meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, each new employee from personal basic situation, graduate college, professional learning, personal interests and so on introduced himself. Through the introduce link, close the new colleagues and the distance between the leadership, to create a good atmosphere of harmony.

ZhongYuHui general manager for all new employees, new colleagues to join our big family said a warm welcome. Then, he from the development history, organizational structure, development strategy and planning, the spirit of enterprise, management concept, incentive mechanism and so on six aspects for the new staff introduced the system. At last, he expected to new employees, hope everyone in the later work and in life, the unity cooperation, help each other with full enthusiasm and positive attitude to realize self value and the interests of the company a win-win situation.

ZhangFeng deputy general manager with your own life and work feeling from 11 to new staff in-depth communication, he hope the new employees in work and in life will forever grateful to heart, have the courage to take responsibility, positive work hard.

Through the new congress, not only let the new employees in the future to the company and in business have a deep knowledge and understanding of the individual and the development of the company has been full of confidence and hope, At the same time also deepened the understanding of each other mutual understanding, communication between old and new staff interaction, for work in the future development, team cooperation has laid a foundation.

New employees to join in for the development of the company injected fresh blood, increase the vitality of the company, believe that tomorrow will be better!

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