Intelligent System

Headquartered in Nanjing and operating nationwide, JSC conducts its business of intelligent systems integration in:

  • Intelligent buildings for customers in the field of government, public security, armed forces, transportation, finance, etc.
  • Systems integration and services for intelligent transportation, emergency command, safe city, digital city and smart city in urban areas.
  • professional systematic solutions and innovative value-added services to our customers

JSC has undertaken a batch of national key projects and has completed over 1000 large- and medium-sized projects relating to intelligent buildings for customers in different industries and systems integration in urban areas.

Intelligent building systems integration takes buildings as its platform and intelligent experience at the core of technological innovation, In this way, intelligent security technology is widely applied to buildings, communities, public and commercial sites, domestic life, etc. JSC relies on its state-of-the-art technology, offers tailored intelligent solutions to clients in different industries and dedicates itself to providing a secure, efficient and convenient environment. Intelligent building systems generally integrate generic cabling system, computer network system, building automation system, TV monitoring, anti-theft security and alarm system, smart card access control and attendance system, guard tour system, intelligent perimeter surveillance system, conference system, communications system, large-screen splicing display system, satellite CATV (cable television), parking lot management system, fire alarm system, public address system, VOD (video-on-demand) system, EEEP (engineering of electronic equipment plant), property management, systems integration, etc.

In the field of systems integration and services for urban areas, JSC relies on its wide managerial experience in engineering and relevant unique capacity. It delivers:

  • One-stop services, including security testing and assessment, systems solutions, project management, integrated management platform, etc.
  • Comprehensive, professional and quality services for building Safe Cities, Digital Cities and Smart Cities.
  • Professional systems solutions and innovative value-added services to its customers.