Cloud Computing and Data Centers

On the one hand, an increasing number of enterprises are seeking effective ways to make existing computing resources more flexible and responsive to business; on the other hand, enterprises need to maintain their ability to control data. As a result, there is an exponential growth in the demand for data centers throughout different industries.

JSC offers its clients an integrated solution of Smart Evolution Cloud Computing System (SEV cloud) and helps build private cloud environment and applications.

SEV Cloud is an enterprise-class solution. It offers our enterprise customers more intelligent, flexible and collaborative application patterns and integrates the current architecture to help build their own cloud computing center via virtualization and automation technology. Thus enterprises can achieve unified management, unified distribution, unified deployment, unified monitoring and unified backup of hardware and software resources, break the monopoly held by common applications over resources and run cloud applications.

The service models of cloud computing comprise of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). Similarly SEV Cloud can be divided into three layers:

1. Hybrid ultra-high-speed infrastructure layer

Through the “polymerized” cloud computing platform, users can install the common hardware that is as available, reliable and high performance as high-end hardware. Thus the total cost of ownership (TCO) can be reduced.

By matching the proprietary high-speed computing platform with common hardware of different types and hybrid high performance computing cloud cluster, this layer provides scalable, convergeable and reconfigurable computing for upper applications.

2. Workload-aware intelligent processing layer

This layer provides intelligent agent workflow technology, customizes data handling process and supports big data processing from data collection, data cleaning, data mining to data archiving.

Proprietary environment-aware technology helps the entire “cloud” evolve independently. For one thing, resources are allocated on the basis of application load, and for another, this technology reaches the “N-1” level of reliability in its industry and ensures that application will run even with one single physical machine.

Proprietary intelligent technology for locating resources minimizes communications spending and mobilizes nearby resources to improve the overall throughput capacity and scalability.

3. Business-driven application analysis and optimization layer

This layer develops the common mapping method for building business applications and provides relevant processing models, thus improving the responsiveness to business demand and creating an enabling environment for the development, deployment, management and integration of cloud applications. This layer also provides cloud-based graphical management tools and services and standardizes the key development tasks in application lifecycle to reduce cost and complexity and to speed up value creation.

JSC helps its clients manage the entire application lifecycle and offers services in building cloud applications (including virtualization, design, combination, deployment and configuration) and in operation (including monitoring, repairing and upgrading).

JSC provides unified management, authentication, virtualization and development tools, etc., and enables enterprises to build and manage private cloud applications through SEV Cloud and enjoy all the benefits brought by cloud applications.

JSC’s SEV Cloud offers the following products and services:

1、Cloud architecture consulting services

2、High-speed computing platform

3、Multi-level protection for cloud security

4、Cloud network optimization

5、Personalized intelligent cloud-based desktop platform

6、Virtual scalable storage

7、Cloud-based graphical management tools and services

8、Custom-built data processing services