Product Life Cycle

Jinling technology product lifecycle management (PLM) strategy

The upgrading of products is the universal law of the information technology industry. Due to the market demand change, science and technology rapid development, new products constantly emerging, etc factors, product function gradually cannot meet customer demand, is unceasingly rich communication in product performance, safety requirements, energy conservation and environmental protection, maintainability, etc will face more and more challenges, the old products will be gradually replaced by the new products. To this, the company made a unified product life cycle management strategy, the product life cycle management, rhythmically introducing new products, to help customers complete product transfer, in order to better protect the customer investment, enhance customer market competitive power, together with the customer achieve business success.

The company product life cycle key milestones:

The company product life cycle key milestones

Milestone Full name Define
GA General availability Products, equipment can be delivered to the customer's time.
EOM End of marketing Stop accept customer orders.
LODSP Last order date of spare parts

Spare parts sale, stop.


End of service&support

Stop product service and support.

The life cycle of software version key milestones:

The life cycle of software version key milestones

Milestone Full name Define

General availability

Software release, available to the customer's time.
EOM End of marketing Stop accepting software system of customer orders.
EOFS End of full support Stop to distribute the software system development new patch.
EOS End of service&support; Stop software system service and support.

Based on the above rules, the company will be planning each product and software version of the life cycle plan.

One month Stop sale time first year Second year Third year Fourth year Fifth year ……
Stop sale announcement New signing product software version service contract          
Hardware product service contract renewal    
Renew software version service contract        
Customer support service  
Product hardware maintenance and replacement service  
release stop sale announcement stop sale day
stop new signing contract of service stop renew software version service contract stop sale normal product spare parts, stop issuing new software patch service (LODSP, EOFS) stop renewal hardware product service contract stop service


1, the company will cease in the product sales premise before 1 months to partners, customers issued a formal notice to stop selling the products. All of the company's products are used in the company's customers can get website production products and alternative product related information. In the product to stop selling the date, the company will be on the company's website issued a formal notice to stop sales, and no longer receive the product new order.

2, stop selling products within one year after, the customer can sign a new contract of service, and can choose will not included in the original service contract in content to join in the service contract. Stop selling 1 years later, the company will only accept service contract renewal, not sign a new contract of service.

3, to stop selling products have signed before the hardware repair or replacement service contract, customer the longest can stop selling hardware after four years, software stop selling three years after renewal is put forward, in order to prolong service life of the products, but the product of the length of service does not exceed the company claims service end time.

4, to stop the sale of software products, the company will be the longest provide 3 years for maintenance support service, and in 3 years to accept service contract renewal, but the length of service in principle cannot be beyond stop selling after three years of software maintenance support service life.

5, the company will stop after sales products provide the longest five years for customer support services, customer support services include:

      • equipment installation and use of consulting, as well as remote assist fault diagnosis;
      • field support equipment installation, commissioning, change, fault diagnosis and software upgrade;
      • and signed by the customer other contract service content.

6, in the product to stop selling within five years, the company will according to the contract provide hardware maintenance, spare parts replacement, software patch release service:

      •  If part of the spare parts for the products no inventory, the provision of a functionally similar product spare parts replacement for services;
      •  If not in the contract during the period of maintenance repair products, companies can continue to provide spare parts to replace, but customers are required to pay the corresponding cost.

7, to stop selling the products, after five years in principle, the company no longer for these products to provide maintenance and support services.

company respect all have and customer signed purchase and sale, service contract, if the content and principle of the conflict, the company according to the contract shall prevail, because is dedicated to providing quality customer service.