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this website by nanjing jinling science and technology corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "jinling technology") and its authorized agent operation, and this website related all right all belong to jinling technology. In the use of this web station, please carefully read this statement, you use this web site (including but not limited to this web site visit, login, this web site content browsing and use), you will be regarded as voluntary commitment and accept this statement constraints. If you think about this statement content can't agree with, you should stop using this web site.

1. Exceptions

jinling technology and its agents will try to maintain this web site safety and function, but does not guarantee can meet all the requirements of users, is no guarantee that this website all functions always normal operation, does not warrant that the web site system suitable for your computer's operating system or hardware and does not guarantee that the web site or the servers will never produce fault, not passive spread a virus or Trojan program and other harmful programs. In addition, this website all content (including the third person to provide information for consumers and provide reference only, jinling technology not to do anything about the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the guarantee and commitment. Jinling technology for due to use this web site or publish this web site information and all caused by the loss, does not undertake any responsibility.

2. Intellectual property

all content on the site, including, but not limited to the words, software, images, sound, animation, graphics, charts, art design, photos, pictures, name, logo, trademarks, service marks, etc., have been related to the protection of the law. All content on this site and information and intellectual property rights are belong to YuJinLing technology, or jinling technology to get the approval of the related obligee and use. Without jinling technology and related obligee's permission, forbids any content of this website in any manner to download, copy, dissemination, tampering with or similar to the above methods of any other violations jinling technology ACTS of intellectual property.

3. Product information

on this web site showed in the product, its appearance and functions are in kind and formal sales commodity specification shall prevail, web page to provide product information for reference only and does not constitute a relevant product of any commitment and guarantee.

4. Web link

this web site of any link set behavior should obtain the consent of the jinling technology. But whether or not get jinling technology agree, such links are not show jinling technology on its website content recognition and monitoring. Jinling technology for this site links with other website content validity, accuracy, reliability and the use of the contents of the consequences, and other related matters will not make any guarantee, commitment and compensation and any other legal responsibility, and at the same time, the use of this web site conditions, personal information protection clause and the procedure is applicable to the website links.

5. Personal information protection

jinling technology notice to protect jinling technology, visitors to the site privacy and security, when you visit this website may be required to provide your personal information (such as name, email, phone number, etc.), you can choose to see if they offer. To provide you with personal information, we will according to the relevant laws of the People's Republic of China on confidential and strictly keep, we won't be in violation of regulations will these information resale or sublet to any third party, but the following except: (1) when the judicial organ or administrative organs in accordance with legal procedure and legal authority for this website disclosure of personal information, we will provide the related materials according to law. For the case of any disclosure, this website all service; (2) for any by hacker attacks, a computer virus intrusion or attack, or the government control and lead to a temporary closed influence website normal operation of the event of force majeure caused by the leakage of personal data, lost, stolen or been altered, etc., this website all have to not need; (3) for customer tell the personal password to others or share with others the registration account which results in any personal data revealing, lost, stolen or been altered, etc., this website not take any responsibility; (4) with the links to any other site personal data revealing, lost, stolen or the host events, this website not take any responsibility.

website maintenance

jinling technology without prior notice, and shall have the right at any time to this website content and technical updates and maintenance. You agree to the site at any time for jinling technology maintenance and change in the land you are unable to appear. But this doesn't mean jinling technology must be responsible for our web site update obligations.

7. Copyright complaints

jinling technology of intellectual property rights the respect for others. If you believe that your work in some way without permission by this site, please immediately contact with jinling technology.

interpretation website

the content of this website and this statement the right to make changes, the final right to interpret all belong to the jinling technology.

9. Applicable law and judicial jurisdiction

the content of this website and this statement of the interpretation and application of all applicable laws of China, due to the use of this web site and produce all disputes, unless otherwise agreed, all by the People's Republic of China (jinling technology is the jurisdiction of the people's court.