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Public Buildings

To building a platform for both information application system, construction equipment management system, public security system, the collection structure, system, service, management and optimization as one, to provide a safe, efficient, convenient, energy saving, environmental protection, healthy building environment, and at the same time, to meet the building with the specific functions of demand, planning response intelligent systems. General system composition: integrated wiring system, computer network system, building automation system, television surveillance, anti-theft alarm system, disucssed card system, petrol system, intelligent peripheral system, conference system, communication system, baimiao splice display system, satellite cable TV system, parking management system, fire control system, public broadcasting system, video on demand system, computer room engineering, property management, system integration, etc.

Han fu building 2013-01-11
Jiangsu international trust &investment corporation 2013-01-11
Beijing urban and rural trade center location 2013-01-11
China Radio International center monitoring center 2013-01-11
Jiangnan building 2013-01-11
Kingsley 2013-01-11
Nanjing radio and television building 2013-01-11
Taizhou telecom building 2013-01-11
Far east international building 2013-01-11
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