About Us

Social Responsibility

Backed by technological innovation and professional services, JSC has been fulfilling corporate social responsibility (CSR) on its own initiative and making its due contribution to the sustainability of socioeconomic and environmental development.

  CSR Vision

Guided by development, innovation and customer demand and backed by its first-rate technology, products and services, JSC offers the most valuable services in its industry to customers and society and ensures all employees’ rights, health, safety, welfare and personal development either directly or indirectly.

  Caring About Employees

JSC aims to develop itself into a safeguard guaranteeing employees’ high-quality life, a platform for career development and their spiritual home.

  Business Principles

JSC embraces “putting customers first and offering top-quality services" and commits itself to this philosophy. Our company strictly abides by relevant domestic and international laws and regulations, duly fulfills its contractual obligations, carries out lawful operations in good faith and honors its warranty. JSC appeals to all its employees to observe disciplines and laws, help build a society ruled by law and project JSC as a responsible company.

  Contributions to Society

JSC is devoted to steadily improving people’s lifestyle and repaying society for what it has received. JSC also encourages and mobilizes its employees to care about society.

  Green Initiative

In order to achieve the sustainable development of our company and the society as a whole, JSC has incorporated the philosophy of being “innovative, integrated and green” into the entire life cycle of our products and the whole process including R & D, production, development and customer services. JSC strives to minimize environmental pollution by various means and has made unremitting efforts to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission worldwide.

  Public Welfare Undertakings

JSC has been actively engaged in philanthropy, trying its best to repay the society.

In recent years, we have contributed to building a harmonious society. Our company has donated money and goods to disaster-stricken areas like Duolun in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Wenchuan and Mianzhu in Sichuan Province, Yushu in Qinghai Province and Zhouqu in Gansu Province.