Our after-sales service is equally responsive to customer demands. JSC has its own after-sales service department specialized in after-sales services of our products and projects, maintenance & technical support and complaint resolution. JSC has nurtured a team of professionally trained service engineers and has developed a comprehensive system of customer services based on years’ hands-on operations

Ⅰ. Quality Guarantee

JSC is ISO-9001 certified.

Ⅱ. Standardized Service

JSC always honors its commitments to customers and has formulated strict and quantitative rules about our service coverage, service approaches, etc. Our after-sales services have been standardized. In order to make service quality more measurable, we apply the principles of statistics to breaking down and conducting a quantitative analysis of different working procedures on the basis of a large volume of investigation data, report the completeness of various working procedures and existing problems in the form of diagrams and reports, identify areas for improvement and take concrete steps to achieve it.

A set of rules and regulations have been formulated, including Systems Implementation Report, Project Construction Task Execution Report, Project Construction Statement, Technical Service Confirmation Form, Equipment (System) Installation & Upgrade Inspection Report, for employees of Customer Service Department to follow during project construction, check before acceptance and feedback handling.

Ⅲ. Service Modes

Our service measures have been continuously improved. JSC is committed to providing valuable services tailored to specific needs. Our Customer Service Center will offer technical services as follows according to customers’ specific problems.

1. Telephone assistance;

2. Consulting services;

3. Remote online troubleshooting;

4. On-site services;

5. Return visits;

6. Supplier collaboration and support;

7. Data release;

8. Setting up customer files, and offering solutions and suggestions via predictive analytics.

Ⅳ. Support Response

The professional technicians from our Customer Service Department will wholeheartedly offer quality and satisfactory services to customers who inquire about systems, products, etc. On receiving service requirements, our Customer Service Department will make corresponding responses according to different levels of failure.