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Wisdom Municipal

In order to reach the agile and convenient, safe and effective, collaborative quality "the goal, realizing wisdom municipal administration" more thorough perception, more comprehensive interconnection communication, more in-depth intelligence ". The intelligent sensor technology, positioning technology, network interconnection technology, automatic control technology and geographic information technology applied to water, electricity, gas, heat, network, etc. Various kinds of urban infrastructure and operation environment detection, real-time to all sorts of production, consumption and operation and maintenance data perception, measurement, capture and transfer; Through various forms of high speed high bandwidth network of communication tools, will collect and store the dispersion of information and data link, the interaction and sharing, so as to better from the point of view of the global analysis and real time to solve the problem, make work and tasks can be completed through collaborative remote; The application of advanced technology (such as data mining and analysis tools, scientific model and powerful operation system) to the collected data analyzing, summarizing and calculation, so that the integration and analysis the magnitude of the cross-domain, multi-industry and functional departments of the data and information, to better support the decision making and management action, provide early warning forecast, real-time response, coordinated deployment and high quality service, the city municipal administration to the intelligent height, better meet service needs.

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