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To country risk level security standard for the standard, in order to further prevent system as the core, application with independent intellectual property rights of the put system integration software, realize foundation platform and application system integration. The system includes: the corresponding risk levels of closed circuit television monitoring system, alarm system, entrance guard card system, petrol system, intelligent peripheral system, integrated wiring system, central control system, etc.

Nanjing museum primary risk security system 2013-01-11
Nanjing bureau of culture crossing victory memorial light-current system 2013-01-11
Jinling 2013-01-11
Nanjing folk custom museum primary risk security and fire alarm system 2013-01-11
Lianyungang city revolution memorial intelligent systems 2013-01-11
Xuzhou museum safety and protection system 2013-01-11
James' park the taiping heavenly kingdom primary risk security system 2013-01-11
Jintan museum security system 2013-01-11
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