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Company organization employees to participate in the training of intellectual property rights

Read 8940    Date Time 2013-01-20

On August 24,, nanjing GuLouOu technology, intellectual property office leadership and nanjing aspect of intellectual property agency co., LTD. Of experts to the company, the company staff to carry out the training of intellectual property rights. Company information technology research and development center and related departments sixty people participated in the training.

Vertical and horizontal intellectual property agency experts of intellectual property on the category, the character and the scope of protection, etc to conduct in-depth and detailed interpretation, especially for the company is mainly engaged in computer information technology and intelligent system integration product research and development production characteristics, focusing on the field of computer software copyright and software patents, and the difference between an application for a patent for the software process and the application of required materials were introduced. Finally, to participate in training employees in the work of intellectual property rights and the actual problems and intellectual property agency experts are discussed, training in the warm applause the end.

ZhangFeng deputy general manager said, the company in the future development process will strengthen intellectual property management work, especially pay attention to the creation of the intellectual property rights and protection, improve the innovation ability, thus to ensure that the company in the fierce competition in the market occupies advantageous position.

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