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The company in jiangsu province in the information security skills competition achieve good results

Read 9085    Date Time 2013-01-20

In November 2012, ten to and, by jiangsu province economic and information committee of jiangsu province, jiangsu province, jointly organized by education department of jiangsu province "TianYi cup" the first information security skills competition in nanjing information professional technology institute held. From all the major information security service institutions, colleges and universities, government agencies of the 103 teams more than 300 athletes to participate in the game. Competition is divided into LAN answer preliminaries, virtual network environment permeability operation playoff, real enterprise-level information system and network environment attack and final three links.

The company leadership to this contest gives support, select ZouYan, YangYuBao, YanJieJun three staff team took part in the game. The players before the game preparation, on November 10 in the heats, our team to group the total score first, individual total scored the first three good result promotion semi-final, 11 playoff again to the first team to the final results, and finally in the day of final and won the second prize.

At the ceremony, the ministry of industry and information information security coordination company priests ZhaoZeLiang of jiangsu province, jiangsu province, jiangsu province, jiangsu province, deputy secretary general of the government WangZhiZhong economic and information commission deputy director of jiangsu province, jiangsu province, the provincial HuXueTong deputy inspector stream, jiangsu province economic and information commission information security marshal ZhouPing leaders to attend, and for the staff awards.


Graph: our company team to receive rewards


The information security skills competition is promulgated by the state council in "about to vigorously push forward the informatization development and ensure the information security certain opinions" in jiangsu province and release the information security development in jiangsu province "1025" plan "under the background of the host. Our players in this game a solid basic skills and good professional quality, fully display the our company as a professional information security the strength of the company, at the same time shows that we implement the national and jiangsu information security work decision-making and deployment, try their best to protect our province foundation information network and important information system security, information security in our province to enhance the ability to provide strong technical support for the confidence and determination.

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