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The eighth soft fair opened in Nanjing

Read 9109    Date Time 2013-01-20

Eighth China nanjing international software products and information service fair (hereinafter referred to as "soft expo") on September 6, in nanjing international exhibition center opening. The soft expo highlight new product launches, product trading and talent exchange, promote technology, business model innovation and informatization and industrialization depth fusion.

The soft expo exhibition content and special activities leading software industry in the future, with cloud computing, physical networking, big data, mobile Internet and wisdom city, etc, the trend of the development of software and information service industry showcase the latest achievements of development. IBM, Microsoft, huawei and other domestic and international well-known software enterprise will were displaying the latest cloud computing technology and application results; The domestic key content networking enterprises and research institutes to audience things networking area on the latest technology and products; A group of two change fusion demonstration project and industrial design high-quality goods exhibition will fully reflect the big data application and development trend; Mobile, telecommunications and so on four big operators will showcase the latest mobile Internet products, technology and solutions. Soft fair nanjing first invited the relevant government departments, the various government functional departments will set up 1000 square meters of wisdom city area, fully display the "intelligent transportation" "wisdom medical" "e-government" wisdom city construction and the construction of the application of the model results.

The expo exhibition domestic and foreign software enterprise amounted to 1005, including Microsoft, IBM and 15 of the world's top 500 enterprises and huawei, zte, etc and the domestic top software and famous information service enterprises, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, 30 countries and regions the exhibition. The information technology association chairman Amy let shaw you, India electronics and information technology, deputy minister of the SaDiYa nano la Yang, Ireland information technology industry investment association CEO Anthony kelvin waiting for a large number of overseas organization representative is invited to the meeting, and carry the project communication, share development experience and explore cooperation opportunities.

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