About Us


Strategic Objective

Is committed to be the data processing and the field of information security industry leader.

Development Strategy

Change development —— With property right system adjustment as the breakthrough point, adjust corporate capital structure, complete by the state-owned enterprise to joint-stock governance structure change; Promote business restructuring and integration, stimulate the vitality of enterprises and actively seek wider survival and development space.

Steady development —— Focus on the remarkable quality management, pay attention to the independent technology innovation, fully enhance the company core competitiveness; Prominent strategic industry and business, and to realize the related technology industrialization, promote the company's healthy development.

Business Strategy

Cooperation —— The company businesses mutual effective cooperation and coordinated development, give full play to each business chain synergies.

concentration —— Centralized advantage resources, focus on industry applications, strengthen innovation ability, create new market opportunities, make the leading industry solution ability.

teamwork —— Strengthen the advantage resources complementary cooperation, integration of resources, consolidate and development industry interaction, hand in hand to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.