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The AAA level credit certificate

Contracts and keep promise enterprise certificate


Involving state secrets of the computer information system integration class a qualification certificate

Ministry of industry and information computer information system integration qualification secondary level


Building intelligent systems design special class a certificate

The intelligent building project specialized contracting grade 1, electronic project specialized contracting grade b qualification, fire control facilities project specialized contracting qualification


China's security product industry association director unit

China engineering reconnaissance and design association director unit of intelligent design points


China building industry association of professional committee of the intelligent building certificate

China's information security evaluation center to issue the information security service qualification (safety engineering level 1)


Involving state secrets of the computer information system integration integrated wiring single class a qualification certificate

Jiangsu foreign construction project security project design and construction of the special permit


The Chinese security product industry association security engineering enterprise one level qualification certificate

Jiangsu ground satellite receiving facilities installation services license


Safety production license

ISO9001:2000 management system certification