Electronic police system software solutions

One, application background

The urban road traffic safety is the city public traffic safety important branch, with the motor vehicle large-scale popularization application, all kinds of motor vehicle and the illegal events began to breed and spread. This derivative of road traffic safety problem increasingly become the social and economic development an important restriction factor. Collection, statistics, and analysis of road traffic accident, found that most of the traffic accidents because of motor vehicle driving and cause, especially in the intersection or sections in the motor vehicle through a red light and speeding accidents of the largest proportion. Construction through a red light/speed automatic recording system (electronic police), motor vehicle through a red light to conduct continuous automatic detection and records, through the legislation on motor vehicle behavior through a red light, red light punishment is to contain the vehicle behavior, and an important means of improving urban road traffic environment, promote the public travel safety coefficient.

Number increasing, the traffic management pressure is more and more big. Due to the limited road police, might not make it to all major traffic key place 24 hours monitoring and enforcement. As each city video monitoring platform construction, through the video monitoring resources reasonable use can realize the traffic key place 24 hours monitoring. In the use of video image in the process of online patrol, real-time record traffic illegal activities, and effective traffic violations to restrain strike became urgent demand.

Two, the function overview

Support through a red light, speed, pressure yellow line, illegal change way, illegal head back, does not press a regulation to lane road, parking, and violate the guest and so on many kinds of types of illegal evidence tapes. Illegal information of time, place, illegal type, license plate number, vehicle type, number and type of zhang the vehicle picture information.

Three, the technical implementation

System integration the video dynamic detection, pattern recognition, digital signal acquisition, communication network and database management and so on many technology, the use of public security image private network, boundary access platform, public security network for data transmission.

System structure is as follows:

System structure

Front structure

Four, the application and the customer benefit

The application of "electronic police" road traffic management is reflected in the "science and technology strong p" an important measure, on one hand it can ease the increasingly busy traffic service management and a serious shortage of police, and at the same time, the contradiction between the in a certain degree in addition to the road traffic management in time and space "blind spots", which can effectively restrain the motor vehicle driver violations. Practice has proved, "the police" application and achieved good social benefits, not only improve the traffic efficiency, to reduce road traffic accident has also played a positive role. This system through the software access way, in does not affect the original monitoring system, does not need to be repeated investment business functions can be realized the expansion of ascension. Through the application of this system can effectively reduce the occurrence of traffic violations.

Installation rendering

Daytime rendering

Night rendering

Five, involving the product

(1) JSC hd video intelligent analyzer.

(2) JSC hd electronic police system software.

(3) JSC intelligent traffic violation forensics software.