High Performance Multi-core Processing equipment

High performance multi-core processing equipment supports up to 128-core processing capacity and features low power consumption, outstanding arithmetic processing performance, abundant network interfaces and excellent software compatibility. The multi-core processing device is mainly applied to network data analysis, network security, high-speed computing, etc.

(1) Two independent 64-core CPU, single-core frequency up to 700MHz, powerful processing engine.
(2) 4 XGE interfaces (SFP+).
(3) 4 GE interfaces (SFP).
(4) XGE interface allows collecting and forwarding all-traffic data packets at wire speed.
(5) Each CPU supports 4 separate memory controllers; 16 GB memory capacity and memory access bandwidth up to 200 Gbps.
(6) Standard C/C++ programming model; with a lot of open source code and customer-owned code available.
(7) Support Linux and SMP Linux; reduce porting cost and shorten development cycle.
(8) Based on standard GCC compiling environment; applications and third-party libraries can be directly ported.
(9) Embedded CF card slot for local storage of key data.

Product specifications:

物理规格Physical specifications
外观: Appearance 19’’ rack-mountable chassis 1U
最大功率:Maximum power 120W
输入电压:Input voltage 220V AC
工作温度:Operating temperature 0℃ ~ 45℃
相对温度:Relative humidity 5% ~ 90% RH
数量:Number 2
核数: Number of cores 64-core (per CPU)
频率:Frequency 700 MHz
缓存:Cache Built-in 24 KB (8KB data, 16 KB instruction) L1 and 64KB L2 cache per core
最大内存支持:Maximum memory capacity Maximum support of 4 GB per slot, a total of 32 GB
内存插槽数: Number of memory slots 4
支持内存类型: Memory type 1/2/4GB DDR2@800MHz SODIMM
网络接口Network Interface
万兆接口:XGE interface 4*10Gbps Ethernet Interface (SFP+)
千兆接口:GE interface 4*1Gbps Ethernet Interface (SFP)
控制接口Control Interface
串口:Serial port 2*RS-232
内置设备Built-in device 2*CF Card